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從城市到小鎮 / PLACES

巴克塔布 Bhaktapur


    加德滿都城市 KATHMANDU

      Kathmandu is the country’s capital and largest city. A somewhat chaotic city, but full of life. It is situated in a bowl surrounded by mountains at an altitude of about 1400m. It combines areas stuffed with buildings with others with single-family houses. Some large avenues always full of traffic and a network of streets and alleys that follow an uncertain pattern. Some tidier areas and others rather neglected. Outside the “Ring Road”, which is like a belt around Kathmandu and Patan, the city continues in a mix of low-rise houses mixed with orchards and fields that have yet to surrender to the onslaught of the city.


        Pokhara is the second-largest city in Nepal, but whenever we talk about Pokhara we always talk about the Lakeside district, next to the Phewa-Tal (lake), where tourism is concentrated and where you will find many hotels, guest-houses, restaurants of all kinds and conditions, cafes, bars and live music, shops, bookstores and “german bakery” distributed along the main avenue and adjacent streets, making it very difficult to get lost.

        奇旺國家公園 Chitwan National Park


          帕坦 Patan(Lalitpur)

            Patan(帕坦)、Bhaktapur巴克塔布)和Kathmandu(加德滿都) 都是受到保護的就時期皇家城市。Patan位於加德滿都南方,它是一個獨立的城市也比市區更加安靜,有著不同的節奏和氛圍。Patan梵語名字是Lalitpur意思是“美麗之城”。部分當地人稱為帕坦多卡 (Patan Dhoka)。整個街區都有出售青銅或其他金屬宗教藝術品的商店。

            班迪普爾 Bandipur

              Bandipur is a beautiful and small village of old trading houses, some of which have been tastefully renovated and converted into small hotels, restaurants and cafes. It has very quiet tourism and there is no traffic in a large part of the village. In a rural setting, it breathes a lot of local life at a leisurely pace and without too many worries.

              Dhulikhel 杜利克 Panauti 帕瑙提

                To the east of Kathmandu there is an interesting triangle formed by Dhulikhel, Namo Buddha and Panauti. Old villages, Holy temples, countryside life, farms and crops, one important Buddhist Monastery and good views over the Himalayas.

                Kirtipur, Chobhar, Pharping, Bungamati

                  Southern Patan, following the Bagmati River valley, there is a cluster of small villages that are a good sample of the “real” Nepal of the small villages scattered all over Nepal. Amidst fields of crops, red brick houses and carved wood, people busy at their daily work and a pace of life far more relaxed than that of the capital.

                  Tansen (Palpa)

                    Tansen is a village perched in the mountains between Pokhara and the Indian border, so it enjoys good temperatures all year round. Being perched in the mountains, in the morning there is often a spectacular view of the sea of clouds at the bottom of the valley, in what the locals call “the white lake”.

                    藍毗尼 Lumbini

                      Lumbini is one of the holiest places in the country, as it is the most likely birthplace (there is doubt and uncertainty about this) of Prince Sydharta Gautama or Sakyamuni, known to us as the Buddha and from whose teachings Buddhism grew.
                      Perece que antes del siglo quinto o cuarto AC ya era un lugar de peregrinación para los fieles ya que se han encontrado restos de templos budistas de estas fechas. Hoy en día atrae a multitud de peregrinos de todas partes del mundo al mismo tiempo que turistas interesados en el lugar.