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陪伴孩子們 Kailash Home

    這些孩子皆來自偏遠的山區,在高山地區並沒有足夠的經濟及資源提供孩子們接受學習,透過Kailash Home讓孩子們住在這裡同時幫助他們能夠獲得基礎教育。

    飛越喜馬拉雅山脈 加德滿都Kathmandu/波卡拉Pokhara

      環繞飛行喜馬拉雅山脈是一項相當有趣的活動,從空中俯瞰喜馬拉雅山脈是一種體驗。可乘坐螺旋槳飛機繞行聖母峰(Mount Everest 8,848m);或乘坐直升機前往”聖母峰基地營Everest Base Camp”或”安娜普納基地營Annapurna Base Camp”。


        The experience of walking through the jungle together with elephants -and not over them in their backs- allows you to feel much closer to the ground, the trees, and to have the animals at your same level. There is a lot of difference in the welfare of the elephants that do not walk tourists all day on their backs and those that have to do it day in and day out as well, that is why at Plan Himalaya we do NOT do jungle safaris on the backs of elephants.